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Windows 10 New update!!!


Windows 10 New Update – Windows 10 is a great work by Microsoft. Now a new update in available for windows in Windows phone and PCs. make sure to update it. It has many new features.

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If you don’t know how to install it don’t take tension . Just follow the Processor below:-

For PC

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Update and Security
  3. Then Click On Check For updates
  4. It will start Download Updates and when the update is complete There will be a restart now option that is for installing. Click on it. And The update will start. (Update will take Upto 30 MIN.) (if on laptop plug in charger)
  5. And there are 2 updates of windows 10 so need to repeat the process two times.

Windows 10 New Update
Windows 10 New Update


For Windows Phone

  1. Initially  go to the Settings then Phone Update and click on Check updates.(Settings>Phone Update>Check for Updates).
  2. The update will start downloading and as its downloaded click on the restart now button and windows 10 new update will start installing.(Will take 30min.)

If You did not understand Click here .  The first step in the video you have to do and you will get the update!

Windows 10 New Update
Windows 10 New Update

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Windows 10 New update Features

Windows 10 New Update

  1. Now you can use Cortana in any country with your own language.Windows 10 New Update
  2. Now We can change the language of keyboard and a on screen keyboard will be available in the language we want!

Many More bug fixes and awesome features that you will know after updating to it.
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Windows 10 New Update!!


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