Home Android Apps XNSPY Vs TheTruthSpy: Which is the Real Value for Money?

XNSPY Vs TheTruthSpy: Which is the Real Value for Money?


XNSPY Vs TheTruthSpy: Which is the Real Value for Money? : When we talk about spy phone software, the market is full of modern offers that differ from one another in terms of features, pricing, customer support, etc. This has made choosing the best Android spy app increasingly difficult as you will find a lot of junk out there. A monitoring software designed to track cell phones and tablets need to have a certain list of features before it should be declared an efficient spying tool. Here we are going to assess two best spy software available in the market: XNSPY and TheTruthSpy.

XNSPY Vs TheTruthSpy

XNSPY Vs TheTruthSpy

We will consider various factors such as installation, ease of use, features, reliability, compatibility and more in this analysis before reaching a verdict, so you could make an informed decision.


XNSPY is an easy to install and use software for keeping tabs on kids, employees and cheating partners. To install the application on Android devices, you need to physically access them. Once the app is installed, you can monitor all the activities performed on the phone or tablet right away from anywhere at any time of the day. Simply by accessing the web portal with the log in details provided by the company at the time of purchase. The advanced monitoring app is highly compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPhones as it comes in the jailbreak, no-jailbreak and Android versions. Allowing users to revel in optimal tracking as per their convenience. Just like most spyware, XNSPY is completely stealthy when gathering information from your target device.


  1. The list of advanced features, include call log monitoring, Gmail tracking, text & IM chats monitoring, location tracing, bookmarks and web browser history are a few to name.
  2. But, what gives XNSPY an edge over TheTruthSpy is its ability to allow users to set geofences around specific areas. The state-of-the-art feature enable users to receive instant alerts as soon as the target enters or leaves a specific zone.
  3. Another coolest feature of the app is the ability to remotely send commands to the target device and accomplish a feat like recording the device’s surroundings.
  4. The app automatically records all phone calls and saves them on the dash board, so users could listen to them in their first free time. No matter how many phone calls you want to record, the program can do that for you in a bat of an eye.
  5. Set alerts on the use of specific words, phrases or contacts and get notified about the activity that concerns you the most.
  6. If the target device falls into wrong hands, you can lock the handset or tablet and prevent the perpetrator from the access the sensitive data.


XNSPY offers two different plans to users: The Basic Edition and The Premium Edition. The basic version of the app is available for $8.33 a month while the premium version can be bought for $12.49 a month that’s nothing compared to what TheTruthSpy is charging. Not only XNSPY beats TheTruthSpy in pricing, but it’s also ahead of the spyware in terms of features. The basic edition of XNSPY offer 12 more features than the standard package of TheTruthSpy.

  1. See WhatsApp photos
  2. View Viber Photos
  3. Access Instagram Pictures
  4. Peep into Calendar Entries and Appointments
  5. Access Gmail App (read all sent and received emails)
  6. View List of All Installed Apps
  7. Use App Blocking Feature
  8. Get your hands on the Photos Saved on the Device
  9. View the Videos Stored on the Device
  10. See Internet Browsing
  11. View Internet Bookmarks
  12. Choose Preference for Uploading Data


TheTruthSpy is a user-friendly app that is used to spy on another person’s mobile device. The application smoothly runs in the background and remains undetectable. It can be installed on the target phone or tablet in a matter of minutes to monitor the interactions. The application uploads all the recorded data on user’s web portal as soon as it establishes a strong internet connection. Practically, the app can record everything that is performed on a smartphone. As far as compatibility is concerned, the software works well with Android and Apple devices, but unlike XNSPY it doesn’t offer a non-jailbreak version. Perhaps it is why TheTruthSpy has failed to capture a huge base of loyal customers.


  1. TheTruthSpy proffers nearly all the features found with any reliable tracking app. For instance, you can use it to monitor GPS locations, call log, IM chats, text messages and more.
  2. View the URLs of all websites visited by the target along with the exact time and date stamp.
  3. See all the contact details listed in the phonebook including names, phone numbers and any other info saved in the book.
  4. Although TheTruthSpy allow users to monitor emails, but it doesn’t let them track Gmail.
  5. The location tracking system of the program enable users to pinpoint the GPS location of the target device, but it doesn’t work efficiently.


TheTruthSpy offers three different packages which are standard, premium and gold. Each package is available for different time period and proffers a different set of features. The standard package of TheTruthSpy can be bought for $17, $46, $71 and $114 for one, three, six and 12 months period respectively. The prices for the premium package are $20, $54, $84 and $132 for the exact time periods mentioned above. However, if you are interested in the gold package it will cost you $23, $62, $106 and $150 for 1, 3, 6 and 12 month time period.

Conclusion: Both applications are amazing and have a huge base of customers across the globe, tons of advanced features and most of all top notch 24/7 customer support. However, what makes XNSPY the best Android spy app is its features and pricing. It is why has been ranked XNSPY best in the 2017 spyware category by many review portals.


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